24 Hour Project

Working in a team of 5, we entered the 24 HOURS animation competition, a competition in which teams are given 24 hours to create an animation based on a given theme revealed at the start of the 24 hours. This year's theme was "walls". 

Despite having backgrounds in motion design without a strong character focus (the competition is largely aimed at character animators) we were determined to make as strong a piece as possible in the given time limit.

Final Animation
We began by coming up with ideas together based on the prompt and then crafted a quick storyboard which we then turned into a boardomatic.
Style Frame
After discussing some of our basic ideas, I prototyped a quick style frame to give us a guideline on how to move forward.
We then split up to work on various elements. My main task was creating the landscape and lighting that the scenes would take place in, while one member focused on sound, one on the main character, one on post effects/additional animation, and one on compositing/visual development.
Character Design
Final Composite
Thank you!
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